Etruria Foundation

Who we are

The Etruria Foundation was set up to promote essay writing in Europe. With this in mind and with the collaboration of other foundations, we award prizes for essays. Our aim is to encourage critical thinking on topics including humanism, philosophy, anthropology, and biology, as well as critical thinking in general.

We focus on what goes on in Europe, and the political and social evolution of this region. Our foundation has no religious or political affiliations, and in order to remain independent we do not apply for any kind of public or private subsidies. However, unlike our independence in this position, we do actively collaborate with other foundations that share our ideas, in order to achieve more positive results for our common goal.


A literary foundation

The literary prizes for essay works are aimed at encouraging writing based on historiography, fostering literature that develops knowledge and critical thinking. Our goal, via these awards, is to support the essay genre and gain visibility amongst readers who have interests of a scientific, sociological, political and biological nature.

The system we consider most suitable for doing this involves establishing open calls for literary prizes in conjunction with other European foundations.

The Etruria Foundation reserves the right to publish the winning work both non-commercially – to be distributed free of charge – as well as through contracts with renowned publishers, and using all media formats, including the internet.


The website

The Etruria Foundation reserves the right – via this website and free of charge – to offer readers all the winning works. We trust that the reading of these works will always be for personal use only, since any printing of the works for third parties, regardless of whether this involves any kind of payment or not, must be authorised by the corresponding authors.